Class Rank


    What is Class Rank?

    Class rank is a way to see how a student’s academic achievements measure up to those of their classmates. A student’s class rank is determined by comparing their rank calculation to the rank calculation of students in the same grade. 

    Public school districts in Texas are legally required to rank and publish the rankings of students in the top 10% of high school graduating classes. The top 10% is the cut-off for automatic admission to most Texas public universities. 

    Why Does Class Rank Matter?

    College Applications - While rank is used for automatic admission to most Texas public universities, college and universities consider a variety of factors in their admission decisions. According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), the top factors in the admission decision are: (1) grades in college prep courses; (2) strength of curriculum; and (3) admission test scores.

    Scholarships - When applying for scholarships, organizations may ask for applicants to achieve a certain class rank or percentile (such as the top 10% of your class). Some scholarship committees may use class rank as one factor to judge a student’s academic abilities, along with GPA and standardized test scores. 

    High School Honors - Some high schools may award honors, such as the top 10% distinction and/or Performance Acknowledgments, to graduating seniors who achieve a certain class rank.