• A More Equitable System

    Dallas ISD has developed a new class rank policy that will impact the class of 2021 and beyond. The new policy for determining a student’s rank provides a more equitable system across all academic programs and grants students greater freedom to explore and pursue their academic interests.

    Old Ranking System

    Rank calculation was based on a student’s top 24 course credits, no matter the subject.

    New Ranking System

    Rank calculation is based on a student’s top 15 eligible core courses that are also part of a student’s graduation requirement.*

    *Eligible courses for class rank calculation must satisfy the criteria for the distinguished level of achievement under the Foundation High School Program (FHSP) and will include only the 15 highest numerical course grades in the highest weighted category. 

    Why Change?

    When multiple academic programs are offered on a campus, one program may have the advantage over another. This advantage causes an inequity as the top 10% of students can be skewed towards that one particular program. In order to level the playing field, class rank will be based on the top 15 eligible core courses required for students to graduate. 

    Calculating Class Rank

    Final class rank will be determined as the average of the 15 highest eligible core courses. Eligible core courses are placed into weighted categories based on their level of rigor and complexity. The Class Rank process starts at the end of the first semester of sophomore year and is reevaluated each semester. No rank is final until all grades are validated at the end of senior year.