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    North Lake ECHS students have the privilege of being part of Dallas ISD's pilot program to bring esports to our schools. Students require logical thinking, strategy, teamwork, and critical analysis to be successful in this organization. 

    Esports (aka, "Electronic Sports") as a group, have quickly developed into one of the most advanced technological industries and one of the largest revenue generators of the decade, bigger than the movie and music industries combined for the past 8 years! There are several opportunities in the public, private, and military sectors for graduates with the technological skills developed by playing esports, and there are a multitude of varsity esports teams competing nationally at the university level, including in the DFW Metroplex. All of these teams offer scholarships to high school students who seek to pursue degrees in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts (graphic design), and Math (“STEM”), subjects that may be applied to the public, private and military sectors. Dallas ISD supports its students who seek post secondary college and career opportunities in esports by offering a wide variety of esports competitions, job shadowing opportunities, and mentoring by esports industry experts and university representatives.



    Esport Coach: Alexandra Lewis 

    Esport Coach: Gio Macías

    Dallas ISD Student Activites Coordinator: Angie Nuño


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    North Lake ECHS Esports