• Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

    Local Support
    Dallas, Texas
    800-TALK-PTA disd@txpta.org  

    State Support
    Austin, Texas
    National Support
    Alexandria, Virginia

    Joining PTA means you have a voice at the local, state and national level to advocate for the health, education and well-being of students. Your PTA membership is also your personal commitment to increasing family engagement and helping your child to be successful. Member-driven PTAs work together to make a difference in the areas of advocacy, parent education and family engagement. The “A” in PTA makes a difference!
    Free Parent Education Programs
    PTAs in Texas have access to free parent education programs through the Ready. Set. Achieve! initiative. Current programs provide families with tips and strategies to address bullying prevention, teen-driver safety, social media and character development.

    Family – School – Community Partnerships
    Using the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships as a framework for comprehensive and inclusive family engagement, your PTA serves as the common link between parents and the classroom. We all know that a caring parent or mentor can make the difference in the life of a child, and PTA is the first step in supporting student success!

    Parent Support
    One of the greatest assets of PTA is the vast network of support available to our members and leaders. Whether you’re new to a leadership position and need training or you’re a member who is looking for guidance on how to become more involved and help your campus, PTA offers the unique benefit of support at the local, state and national levels. PTA understands that with all of us working together, we can make every child’s potential a reality. 

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