• Quick Facts

    Principal: Margaret Huff
    Assistant Principal: Deranda Meyers
    Assistant Principal: Roderick Goudy

    Grade Levels: K-5

    Trustee District: District 2 - Sarah Weinberg

    School Division/Feeder Pattern:
    Schools Division 2 - Woodrow Wilson School Feeder Pattern


    Mockingbird’s Vision, Mission, and Belief Statements:

    Mockingbird Vision Statement

    Mockingbird will uphold the tradition of uniting families, community members, and staff to create an environment of diversity, tolerance, cultural awareness and academic excellence.  This sense of community will prepare students to become educated citizens, lifelong learners and stewards of this planet through academic, social, creative, and physical endeavors.  This exposure and experience will diversify their world view and propel them toward being successful adults.

    Mockingbird Mission Statement

    The mission of Mockingbird Elementary is to uphold our academic excellence by implementing a rigorous curriculum and differentiated instruction designed to meet the needs of 21st century students.  All of our stakeholders –  students, staff and parents –will help achieve this by creating and sustaining a positive and caring culture that will stand as an example in our district and community.

    Uniform Colors:

    • Top: White, navy blue, or red
    • Bottoms: Navy blue, Black, or Khaki
      • Tights, leggings, and jeggings must be solid white, navy blue, or black (no designs) and must be worn underneath skirts, jumpers, or shorts

    School Colors: Blue and White

    Mascot: Stars/ ASL "I Love You"