German American Partnership Program

  • North Lake Early College High School is proud to be the official American sister school to the Gerda-Taro-Schule in Leipzig Germany!


    Students will collaborate on projects with German students over the internet, with the opportunity to participate in the German-American Exchange at the end of their third or fourth year of study at North Lake ECHS. German students at the Gerda-Taro-Schule will also receive the same opportunity to visit our school and explore DFW. This opportunity will expose our students to the globalized world and provide perspective to the many opportunities available to Americans in Germany. We look forward to developing and strengthening our relationship with our sister school in Leipzig!

    Visit the Gerda-Taro-Schule Site

    Since 1972 the German American Partnership Program (GAPP) facilitates enriching cultural exchanges between schools in the U.S. and Germany. Our Program inspires intercultural understanding, promotes German language instruction, and fosters new and lasting friendships in the U.S. and Germany.