• Tips for Applying to a Magnet Program

    Dallas ISD offers innovative programs that focus on students’ special interest, talents, and abilities. Application to Magnet Programs is open from November through January.


    Important Tips for Applying to a Magnet School

    • Recommended internet browser for applying is Chrome
    • Research and explore your magnet program choices through the following websites:
    • You will need a valid email address to create a single sign-on account which will allow you to submit applications for all the children in your household. You will use this account to complete applications, check application status, and placement. You may opt-in/out to the text message notification option in your account settings.
    • You may select up to (5) Choice schools (The schools may be a combination of Magnet Schools, Transformation & Innovation schools, Collegiate/P-TECH schools, and/or Neighborhood Transfer schools; only (2) of these choices may be magnet schools)
    • BE SURE TO CHOOSE CAREFULLY - You will rank the schools 1-5; rank your most desired schools highest to lowest with (1) being the highest rank. The selection system will optimize your (1) school offering based on your highest ranked school choice. You will be able to edit or re-rank your choices until January 31st. 
    • Magnet schools have GPA and test score eligibility requirements, see the “GPA Eligibility” and the “Standardized Test Eligibility” sections on the Magnet Eligibility and Process page
    • Applicants who meet the GPA and test score eligibility will receive an email and/or text message notification informing you of the "Eligible" status. The "Eligible" status means your child's application has moved into the  campus assessment scheduling; you will be notified of your child's in-person assessment appointment by the magnet schools.
    • The sibling rule/preference only applies to elementary and middle school magnets. See “Sibling Rule & Sibling Preference” section on the Magnet Eligibility and Process page
    • You will be required to upload the “Required Documentation,” listed on the Magnet Eligibility and Process page
    • Magnet school applicants will be contacted via email and text message of their scheduled magnet school assessment appointment when all eligibility requirements have been verified. Please make sure you provide a valid email and phone number.
    • You will have 10 calendar days to confirm or decline your student's seat offer. 
    • Students who have confirmed their seat offer will be able to register for the 2024-2025 school year via your same application account beginning April 1st. You will need to complete the form below and upload it along with your additional proof of address. Address Verification Form