Multiple Careers Magnet Center

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    To become a premier program for preparing students with
    disabilities with the necessary skills to reach their maximum
    potential which will lead to post-secondary success.



    To educate students with disabilities in an age-appropriate
    environment serving their individual needs through agency
    connections, community collaboration, career exploration,
    employment skills, independent living skills, and self-determination
    Multiple Careers Magnet Center Cluster Program is a parttime
    career and technology education opportunity for secondary
    students with disabilities. Seven pre-employment, three-hour
    clusters are offered. Each cluster is designed to simulate a work
    situation as closely as possible. Students progress at their own
    rate and evaluation is competency-based.

    Career training is offered in the following clusters:

    • Building Maintenance
    • Business Technology
    • Construction Technology 
    • Culinary Arts
    • Hospitality & Tourism 
    • Dry Cleaning and Laundry and Child
    • Development Education and Training


    Dallas ISD 18+ Transition Program 

    Designed to assist students with the necessary skills to gain employment and/or
    attend college. Students must have completed all graduation
    requirements to apply for this program.
    Opportunities for students:
         • Transportation/Travel Training
         • Paid/Unpaid Internships
         • College Cohorts
         • Certifications
         • Career Development Skills
         • On-the-Job Training
         • Independent Living Skills
         • Post-Secondary Educational/Training
         • Recreation/Leisure Activities
         • Career Readiness Skills
         • Self-Determination Skills


    Visit the Multiple Careers Magnet Center website for more information.