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  • ESL

  • Guidelines

    • Emergent Bilinguals at the secondary level are offered ESL and/or Sheltered courses for all content areas
    • The program emphasizes the mastery of Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, as well as all four domains of the English language (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) as integral parts of the academic goals for all students 
  • Program Overview


    • Targets language development with grade-level instruction for ALL English learners across all content areas
    • A method of teaching across all content areas in which teachers use a wide range of scaffolding and culturally responsive strategies to make content comprehensible
    • Focused on ensuring English learners simultaneously develop content knowledge, language proficiency, and academic skills

    ESL (English Second Language)

    • Intensive English language instruction program for students in the first 3 years of enrollment in U.S. schools 
    • Provided by ESL certified teachers of Reading Language Arts courses with an emphasis on implementation of second language acquisition methods
    • Focused on ensuring English learners attain proficiency in English in order to participate equitably in school
    • Non-Spanish speaking students are served in a classroom with an ESL certified teacher and/or a self-contained multi-grade newcomer class