Health Information and Resources

  • Staph Infection Prevention Awareness and Guidelines

    Programs and Services

    • Teen Pregnancy and Parenting program: (972) 925-3386.
    • Cost-free programs free eyeglasses for students who need them: talk to the school nurse for information.
    • Clinics at Youth and Family Centers:(972) 502-4190
    • Special Education Screening
    • Type 2 Diabetes Screening

    Child Find

    Federal and state law requires that public school districts search for, identify, and evaluate all children under age 21 who may need special education and related services. If eligible, these children will be provided with an appropriate public education and a full range of free services and support. These services include ear, eye, speech, motor skills, language and general development screenings. Referrals to the programs staff are confidential, and the parent, legal guardian, or surrogate parent has the right to refuse services.

    Special Education Screening

    For information about eligibility criteria and referral procedures, Dallas residents may call the Dallas Independent School Districts 24-hour Child Find referral line at (972) 581-4765 (972) 581-4765 (English) or (972) 581-4764 (972) 581-4764 (Spanish).

    Type 2 Diabetes Screening

    Nurses will check third-, fifth-, and eight-graders for a skin marker that may indicate health problems that could lead to Type 2 diabetes. Nurses will do the screening at the same time they examine students for spinal or vision problems.

    When requested by parents or teachers, nurses will screen students at other grade levels for the skin "marker" that can be an indicator of high levels of insulin or insulin resistance. The nurses may also identify students with the marker during routine health checkups.

    For more information:

    • Nurses: (972) 925-3386, (972) 925-3386 or call the school and ask for the school nurse.
    • Information on public health clinics that provide immunizations for students: (972) 925-3386 (972) 925-3386, (214) 819-2000, (214) 819-2000, or (214) 670-0519, (214) 670-0519