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    Coach Marroquin, Assistant Coach


    Motto ...

    I believe in the students.

    Quote ...

    "Attack each day with enthusiasm unknown to mankind", Coach Jim Harbaugh



    Carlos Alberto Marroquin Delgadillo is originally from San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico.

    He arrived in Dallas in 1984. Coach Marroquin went to school at Holy Trinity and WT White. While

    in high school, he practiced swim, track, baseball, and cross country. Went to the University of Michigan and

    London graduated with a BA in Communications with a minor in Cinematography. He was also a "luchador"

    as a hobby in which he traveled around to Denver, Utah, etc.

    After college, he worked for an export/import family business, in promotions, unions, etc. He had the experience

    to work in Puerto Rico representing the unions. 

    He arrived in the educational world 3 years ago. Coach Marroquin is a 1st-grade bilingual teacher in Preston

    Hollow and a soccer coach there and at Hillcrest. 


    Coach Acosta


    Motto ...

    Always give your best effort for the team and personal goals.


    "You play the way you practice", Coach Acosta



    Jorge Acosta Rojas is originally from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.

    He arrived in the US El Paso when he was in 5th grade. Coach Acosta graduated in 2010

    from UTEP with a degree in Physical Education and a major in Kinesiology. He loves to coach

    and has experience in volleyball, basketball, track, and soccer. 

    After college, he worked as a Substitute, TA, Coach, Health, ISS, and Physical Ed teacher in

    El Paso, Odessa, and Dallas.  

    Coach Accosta in the ISS, Health, and soccer teacher and coach at Hillcrest High School.