Dallas ISD is committed to the safety of each of our student bus riders.  With nearly 1,000 buses in our fleet, we do not take our responsibility to transport students lightly.  After all, they are precious cargo.  



    If you ever see us falling short with our responsibility of safely transporting students, please let us know immediately through the Let's Talk forum.

     You can also reach out to us on Let's Talk  to let us know we did something well. We would love to hear about it. 


  • Safety precautions shall be exercised in bus operations at all times. If at any time the bus driver is uncertain about road or vehicle conditions, or other safety factors, the driver shall park the vehicle until safe operating conditions are assured.

    Student Safety

    A district may not require or allow a child to stand on a moving bus or passenger van.  An operator of a school bus, while operating the bus, shall prohibit the passenger from:

    1. Standing in the bus; or 

    2. Sitting:

    • on the floor of the bus, or

    • in any location on the bus that is not designe as a seat. 

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