• Parents - Please click here:  Extended Spring Break Notification Letter - Parents


    Mr. Burgos

    English II extended break packet

    STAAR EOC Practice Packet


    Ms. Carroll

    English I Academic Enhancement Activity Packet

    Pre-AP English Academic Enhancement Activity Packet


    Ms. Gates

    English I Expository Prompt


    Ms Hatcher

    The project is listed on the landing page in ECHO for US History and Humanities courses. Here is a link to the project instructions as well. 



    Ms. Iwuagwu

    I have assigned two assignments for you to complete over the break. The first assignment is over Ecosystem Succession and the other pertains to Microorganisms. You will complete each assignment using the Explore Student Guide. After reading the guide, you are required to complete the Explore Student Journal. I have attached all the necessary materials for you to complete the assignments in its entirety. If you need assistance in completing either assignments or have questions regarding the assignment, email me at biwuagwu@dallasisd.org.


    Mr. Jenkins

    My expectation is that learners complete every assignment link in the “activities” section of each topic.

    Ms. Mason

    African American Women in Politics Project

    The Leadership Community Slides Project

    The Real World Economics Project


    Mr. Mata

    Instructions for AP Environmental Science, Chemistry PAP, Chemistry courses:
    In case of a Dallas ISD move to online-learning, your first assignment is Journal Study DUE 3/27 on ECHO (Friday after spring break), but you may want to start now:

    "Start keeping a journal today, ideally a hand written one if that's within your ability. Write about what you're seeing in the news, how your friends are responding, what is closed in your neighborhood or city or state or country. Copy and write it into this journal entry."

    This assignment will repeat weekly on ECHO and can be used to boost low grades.


     Ms. Phillips

    Learners, please check Echo for your assignments. You will have 2 assignments a week, it is your choice to do them all in one day or throughout the week. I will be grading throughout the week but final grades will be done at the end of the week no later than 6pm. Weekly submissions later than 4:20pm Friday will be counted late and lose points. Thank you. -Ms. Phillips 


    Mr. Reyes


    Your assignments will be on the ALEKS program that we have utilized all year long.  You will have weekly assignments that are structured around your STAAR (Algebra 1) and ACP (Algebra 2).  Please make sure you are completing these assignments to make sure that you are practicing so that you are prepared to Ace these exams.  The due date for these assignments will be usual Sunday at midnight.  
    Email me if you have any questions or concerns,
    David Reyes

    Mr. Rivera

    Modern Band students will be given two songs to listen to on a weekly basis. With those two songs, there will be a quiz with questions pertaining to what time signature, dynamics and possible rhyme schemes. Learners will be expected to answer these questions every week on echo along with entering a weekly journal for the ONE of the songs. The journal entry must be at least 100 words, and a link for the songs will be provided.

    Below my Feet - Mumford and Sons
    Michelle - The Beatles
    Francisco Rivera, Modern Band

    Ms. Rodriguez

    Studio Art 1 

    Work will be available on your Echo accounts. Please also study terms on Quizlet and Khan Academy videos to continue your ART ACP studies.
    Studio Art2
    Learners a drawing assignment which can be located on Echo.
    Web Tech
    Learners have Khan Academy Links to watch, with screen shot submissions in Echo
    A. Rodriguez
    Studio Art I, Studio Art II, Web Tech Facilitator
    New Tech High School @ B.F. Darrell
    Ms. Valentin
    For all my Spanish classes,  your work is in Echo.  You should follow the instructions and links given in the agenda. Please log-in using the district email to access the links.
    Y. Valentin  
    Ms. Williams
    Your assignments are in ECHO