E.D. Walker At Home Learning Plan

  • E.D. Walker Middle School's virtual learning happens through Zoom and Google Classroom,  and teacher-student communication happens through Remind.  Please join each of your teacher's Zoom, Google Classroom and Remind to attend class and complete work.

    Online Learning Details

    • Log into every teacher's Zoom and Google Classroom every school day (A or B).

    • Download the A/B Day Calendar.   

    • Teachers will input grades from the previous week into PowerSchool for students to review every Friday by midnight.  Students and parents can review feedback and scores Monday of every week.


    Online Learning Schedule

     Your online learning schedule is based on your regular class schedule. 

    Please plan to attend Zoom and complete the work for every class on A Day and B Day.


    Bell Schedule


    Online Norms & Expectations

    General Guidelines:

    • Mute yourself when not speaking. This helps remove background noise and outside distractions.

    • Maintain school appropriate behavior even though you are at home. Ensure that you are fully dressed and presentable, not engaging in activities that are not school appropriate.

    • Remove distractions, such as going where there's less background noise and turning off your phone.

    • Show up on time. You may not disrupt the presentation by joining late, but you may miss important information.

    • Use tools such as "raising your hand" and the chat feature.

    • Be in an area with good internet connectivity.

    • Use headphones.

    • Have a pad & pen nearby before the session begins.

    • Put your phone on silent.

    • Select a good location with a power supply.


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