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                                                 2022-2023 Hillcrest High School JROTC Battalion Staff. 

    Featured top left: BN XO MAJ Casarez, BN CDR LTC Aguilera, BN  S1 1LT Powell, BN S3 CPT Creer, BN S4 CPT Rayo, BN CSM CSMCortez  (CIP Briefers)

    The Hillcrest Army JROTC was awarded an Honor Unit with Distinction (HUD) by 5th Brigade, headquartered at Joint Base Kelly-Randolph, San Antonio, TX on 23 March 2023. The inspection covered seven areas to include: In-Ranks inspection of all Cadets, Color Guard, two in-depth briefings, consisting of the Battalion Continuous Improvement Program (BCIP), and Service Learning Briefing (SLB), Depth of Knowledge (DOK) of the JROTC curriculum with Cadet Portfolio Reviews, and Instructor Portfolio Review.


    2023 Service Learning Briefing Team



    2022-2023 Hillcrest HS JROTC Battalion Service Learning Briefing Team. 

    Featured from left to right: E CO CDR 2LT Harrison, D CO PL 2LT Vasquez, D CO SL Cuadros, ACO PSG SGT Martinez, G CO CDR 1LT Jalloh.

    The Service-Learning Project (SLP) presentation. This year, the Panther Battalion participated in a sock drive that began on 1 November and culminated on 15 December 2022 benefitting the Genesis Womens Shelter. This project rallied cadets into inspiring each other to donate and collect new socks that would bring hope and happiness for families in need during the Christmas holiday.  Additionally, the most important part was the reflection. Each cadet wrote down what they got out of the event, and this reflection was discussed in an AAR. During the reflection, the raw feelings came out of the cadets, and it was a very emotional part of the project. “This project was so awesome to help those who were in need, it was a unique project for our school, cadets, and community,” said Senior Service Coordinator, Cadet 1LT Harrison. The collection netted over 1,100 pairs of socks, which surpassed the original goal of one pair per cadet. In the end, the Cadets averaged 5 pairs each, a stunning success as said by the Chief of High School JROTC, Mr. Shapatone.


    JPA 22-23


     Hillcrest cadets await inspection and conduct platoon drill and color guard.