• Mission Statement: The mission of A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School is to be an outstanding school of choice where students are engaged in project-based learning that develops 21st century skills, supported by technology that prepares them for a competitive global society.
    Learner Outcomes-21st Century Skills
    Work Ethic / Professionalism
    Students will be able to demonstrate effective work habits and personal responsibility skills including time management, teamwork and interpersonal communication skills to complete quality assignments according to the due date.

    Collaboration / Teamwork
    Students will actively participate in various learning environments and positively contribute to the group’s overall learning goals.

    Communication: Oral / Written
    Students will be able to articulate their thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively using oral and written skills.

    Content Literacy
    Students will demonstrate proficiency in each academic discipline through projects and assessments, all of which include Texas state standards.

    Critical Thinking / Problem Solving
    Students will be able to demonstrate their ability to analyze, evaluate, apply content knowledge and use effective reasoning skills to make judgments, decisions and to solve problems.

    Global Awareness
    Students will explore different perspectives on global, cultural and local issues and values leading to action in his/her community.