• As learning becomes more and more of an online endeavor, you may be confused about where to find credible information for your research and assignments.  Don't worry!  You still have access to all the great databases that Dallas ISD has always offered.  Here you can find timely, relevant, credible information.

    Your username for the proxy server is your ID#, and your password is the last four digits of your ID#. Staff: Add 10 or 100 to the front of your ID# to make it seven digits.


    A great place to start a resarch project, Britannica offers a collection of articles, journals and websites for the content you need.  


    Search multiple databases at once to find resources for your specific needs.


    This is Ms. Mendoza's favorite!  This collection of databases includes content for all subject areas.  Note: When prompted, enter password "dallasisd."

    World Book

    This is so much better than those old bulky print encyclopedias because the online version has constant updates and much more content!


    There are many more online resources available to you, depending on your needs.  You can find them all at library.dallasisd.org > online resources.