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    Frequently asked questions regarding procedures for staff during the Extended Emergency Leave

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    Long-Term Substitute PowerTeacher Pro Access:

    • Substitute must be assigned to cover a single vacancy or Teacher LOA.
    • Length of assignment must be more than 31 days (Day count begins the first day the substitute began the assignment. )

    Examples:  (1) Substitute began October 12th to date = qualifies.  (2) Substitute        assignment from March 3rd to May 1st = qualifies. (3) Substitute assignment from March 26th to April 3rd = does NOT qualify

    Process:  Principals are required to complete the Google form to request PowerTeacher access for a long-term substitute. Once the request is approved, the substitute MUST attend an one hour virtual training via Skype. After the substitute attends virtual training, access to PowerTeacher Pro, assigned classes, and teacher Clever applications for virtual student learning. ONE FORM SUBMISSION FOR EACH REQUEST.

    Principals are required to assign a teacher or CIC mentor to assist the substitute with at-home learning requirement.

    The long-term substitute will have grade and attendance access. In addition, the substitute will have access to all student contacts and other information. Long-term substitutes will be required to implement at-home learning requirements, enter attendance, contact students/parents, and assess student work and enter grades.

    Link to Google Form:  https://forms.gle/vkJDm7J9yQ3snJaa6