Mr. Daniel Mabry

Phone: 972-502-3329


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Daniel Mabry



Special Education Teacher
  •  Associate of Arts in Dance
    • Collin College, 2003
  • Bachelor of Arts in Dance emphasis in Choreography and Dance Performance
    • Texas Woman's University, 2006
  • Dance 8-12
  • Physical Education EC-12
  • Special Education EC-12
Philosophy of Education
Our memories, experiences, and mistakes help shape who we are today and who we will be tomorrow. With each experience whether as a teacher or student my pedagogical philosophy is altered; however, the foundation of my philosophy remains the same. My philosophy centers on the belief that anyone can learn by having the drive and passion in your heart. My focus as a student-centered educator is to inspire and influence my students while preparing them for life-long learning. I feel the relationship between a student and teacher is one of equality, respect, and trust. In other words, as the student learns from the teacher, the teacher in turn learns from the student. Allowing there to be an exchange of ideas and open dialogue that would not normally exist. My experiences as a student were greatly influenced by observing teachers, I found both inspiring and knowledgeable. Those experiences made me aware and appreciative of the teachers who have taken a chance with me, along with seeing leadership potential in me. Without those teachers in my life I know I would not be where I am today. I believe through my teaching I am honoring everything they have given me, by continuing their legacy of encouragement and inspiration on to my students. Within the classroom, I want to establish a sense of community where learning and individuality are valued. Creating an atmosphere where students are working hard, enjoying themselves, and striving to be their personal best. Helping each student develop a positive self-image; therefore knowing who they are, their self-worth, and what they are capable of achieving.
Why Personalized Learning?
Special Education is the epitome of personalized learning because every one of our students is unique with various needs that need to be met. It is our job to help foster each student's potential and help prepare them for their journey through life.
Favorite Quote 
“The dancing is temporary, but the lessons they learn and the young women they become is permanent. That is the beauty of Rangerettes.”
Rangerette Assistant Director: Shelley Wayne