Wednesday 3/25/2020


    IMPORTANT!!!!    Please sign into google classroom in order to be counted present at least 3x per week. I can send you responses and comment on uploaded work in google classroom.  Please continue to finish your images. As you do please upload them to the AP website. If you forget your password, etc I took home the AP book with all that info. I will be sending individual responses to you this afternoon after reviewing the AP portfolio site. You will also need to start writing on the 2 paragraphs that are part of the portfolio submission. I would like to see a preliminary draft by Monday 3/31.


    Tuesday 3/24/2020    AP  ART    2D Design and Drawing

    Welcome to the new Seagoville High School online class!  I hope this finds you all safe and healthy. Great News from the AP College Board. You will be able to continue to upload your images and 2 paragraphs for the portfolio review. 

    They have changed the number of images you need. For your sustained investigation, instead of 15 digital images (including mindmap, photo and detail of a drawing) they are asking for 10.

    For quality, instead of sending in 5 images, matted, they are asking for 3 loaded digitally. I have not yet seen how they changed the website to accommodate these images.

    Also, they had originally said that you could use some of the 15 images for the 5 quality. I am going to double check and make sure you can use some of the same 10 images for the 3 quality. 

    Instead of images being due in April, they will be due May 15. I am saying May 15 because if you wait for the last minute, the website will be crashing with so many uploading at once, and I don't want you to miss your chance at receiving college credit. 

    I went to school yesterday and took home all your work in the brown portfolios and in the flat file drawers that I could find. I also took home the few sketchbooks that were in the blue cube. I can take pictures of your artwork and sketches and send it to you so you can upload it or work on it. 

    I have asked about how to get supplies to you if you run out, and Ms. Hayslip, over DISD Visual Arts is working on it. Now might be a good time to teach yourself how to use some digital software, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. There are very good how to videos on the net. Also consider taking some of your images that you didn't finish or you don't like in some way, photograph it and open it in a digital program that you can now rework or redo to  make it into something you can use. 

    On my district laptop on the desktop I have an IT file I can click on. Inside are all types of software I can download. Please see if you have the same. If you do I can ask the IT department to give you a license to download specific software so you can use different programs. There are also free programs or apps for your phones you can use as well. 

    I will be on Google classroom tomorrow. If you need me before that please email at rmesserschmitt@dallasisd.org. If you are texting, please include your name as your first words or subject otherwise I will not know who I am texting too.