• Google Classroom will be used as a source to retrieve assignments as well as a mode to communicate with me.

    Please log in daily for any assignments, messages, etc. 

    Here are the course codes to gain access to your Google Classroom Section (updated Fall Semester 2021): 


    1st Period

    Varsity Band I: krltper

    Varsity Band II: hh4dure  

    Varsity Band III: wldgux3

    Varsity Band IV: geic5dc


    2nd Period

    Band Coordinator at Seagoville MS


    3rd Period 

    Non Varsity Band I: c64w7gu

    Non Varsity Band II: dumtief

    Non Varsity Band III: zvs4k6b

    Non Varsity Band IV: pzzbaiw


    4th Period 

    Intermediate Band II & IV: 


    5th Period

    Modern Band Non-Varsity I: cmp5tuc


    6th Period

    Modern Band Non-Varsity I : wecsa67


    7th Period 

    Modern Band Non- Varsity I: khojohu


    8th Period