• Modern Band Classes and Google Classroom Numbers

    There are eight leveled Modern Band Courses: Non-Varsity I,II,III, and IV; Varsity I,II,III, and IV.

    Room A101

    Here are the 1st semester courses and Google Classroom numbers grouped by period:

    1st Period:  
                        Modern Band Non-Varsity II mq3dxtp 
                        Modern Band Non-Varsity III yrmhet6 
                        Modern Band Non-Varsity IV re2zdl4 
    2nd Period: Modern Band Non-Varsity I 4ntf2od  
    4th Period: Modern Band Varsity II  x2gvnm5 
                     Modern Band Varsity III  ajbas3k 
                     Modern Band Varsity IV  rx2lozk  
    5th Period:  Modern Band Non-Varsity II cf4274h 
                       Modern Band Non-Varsity  III trfqv4m 
                       Modern Band Non-Varsity IV  qhwfo4m 
    6th Period: Modern Band Varsity II   tcgjlko           
                     Modern Band Varsity III  4otwdqr             
                     Modern Band Varsity IV     zm537d3               
    7th Period: Modern Band Varsity I   fvokycq        
    9th Period:  Advisory   ngmbse7 
    Students please remember to check in with Google Classroom every day at your appointed time.
    Parents:  if you have any questions about these classes, just e-mail me at rdittmar@dallasisd.org.  Thank you.