• Educator Resources for Navigating COVID-19

    For Educators and Campus Leaders

    Everyone needs breaks and a regular emphasis on self-care!  We can take care of others best when we take care of ourselves first.

    We have a number of self-care resources and tips below for educators:

    Use emotional check-ins during team meetings to understand where team members are coming from either by using a mood meter in a team meeting and asking for participants to share out or sharing a Weekly Emotional Check-In Survey via Google Form (please copy and rename the form before using).


    Virtual Calming Corner

    Dallas ISD's Counseling Services Department has created a virtual calming corner to provide tools and resources for managing feelings and emotions, thus supporting mental health.  Staff, students, and families are encouraged to visit the virtual calming corner and use as needed!

    • Disclaimer: The virtual calming corner and related links on the website are purely for educational purposes and are not intended as psychological interventions or as a substitute for psychological treatment. If you are in need of psychological help you should seek the consultation of a licensed mental health professional. This is only meant to be a free resource provided for students, parents, and community members.


    Promoting Collaboration and Building Healthy Teams

    Apply SEL Signature Practices during virtual meeting times to continue building positive relationships among team members and fostering connections during this challenging time. 

    See our list of SEL Signature Practice examples below to cultivate engagement, positive connections, and a sense of security and belonging in all meetings, professional development sessions, and classes.




    CASEL Competency Wheel

  • Engaging Practice Ideas

    • Partner discussions
    • Share outs
    • Hold up answers in video conference meetings, etc.
    • Choose a favorite background for video conferences
    • Ask participants to share a favorite / cherished item at home
    • Pick a meeting theme for participants: wear sunglasses, wear a funny hat, etc.
    • Be creative! 
  • Optimistic Closure Examples

    End meetings with sentence stems like:

    • One key takeaway for me is...
    • One question that I still have...
    • One thing that was exciting / interesting for me was...
    • My next step will be...
    • This week, I'm looking forward to...

    Have a final shout-out moment to cultivate team appreciation or ask each team member to share an Appreciation, Apology, or an Aha!

    CASEL has compiled an Optimistic Closure handout sharing the value of closure and reflection along with many more ideas.

  • Head and Heart