• DISD Fourth Graders Hear Eva's Story

    Eva Schloss and Jonnica Berns

    January 9, 2004 - Anne Frank fourth graders were visited today by a very special lady, Eva Schloss.Eva is the step daughter of Otto Frank, Anne Frank's father. Eva was visiting Dallas to attend the opening of a play by the Dallas Theater Center about her famous step sister, Anne Frank. She came to the school to speak to Anne Frank Elementary children and tell her story, published in 2001 by Castle Kent entitled,Eva's Story.

    Anne Frank fourth graders under the direction of Shelia Yudenfreund, introduced Eva to the audience.Mrs. Schloss said that there were many schools in Europe named after Anne but this was the only one she knew of in America.

    Eva Schloss - Register The children listened as she recounted her days in Germany when Hitler's army gained control. She described how hard life was once they were required to register as Jews. All their activities were monitored and restricted by the Nazis. One very curious item she shared with the audience was the original registration booklet that she was required to carry with her at all times.

    Eva and her family escaped to Holland,and met the Frank family there, also German. Anne and Eva were about the same age, 11 and 12. She described Anne as a bit more mature and like many 12 year olds, "interested in boys". She described herself though as a "tomboy".

    Both families went into hiding once the Nazi troops took over Holland. After two years, the families were found by German authorities and sent to concentration camps. Eva and Anne's families were both interned in Auschwitz . Eva Schloss was very straight forward with the children when she said that in the concentration camps the first to go to the gas chambers were the children and men over 40. She emphasized that no child in the audience would have survived. Eva's mother, Fritzi, gave her a coat and hat to wear hoping to make her look older so she would not be chosen.

    While Eva, Fritzi, and Mr. Frank survived Auschwitz,Anne and her mother and other family members were not so lucky. 

    Eva as a Child
    Eva as a child
    Eva Schloss - 2004
    Eva in 2004

    After the Germans were defeated in 1945, Eva, Fritzi and Mr. Frank were released. It was then that Mr. Frank went back to the Frank hiding place and found the infamous "diary of Anne Frank".

    He later married Eva's mother and then published Anne Frank's Diary for all the world to read. The Diary was published in America in 1952 and quickly became a bestseller. Otto Frank and Fritzi married in 1953.

    Mrs. Schloss spoke eloquently and simply to her audience. The children responded with many questions such as-

    1. How did Anne Frank's family die?

    2. How did they find Anne Frank's family? (when in hiding)

    3. Did Hitler have any good in him?

    4. How was Otto Frank able to survive?

    5. How did you survive?

    6. How old were you when you first met Anne?

    7. What religion did Hitler have?

    8. How old was Hitler? When was he born and when did he die?

    9. Why did Hitler want to kill the Jews?

    10. Why did Hitler's girlfriend get killed too?

    11. How did you know Anne Frank's father was alive?

    Afterward, Eva was presented with a special gift for visiting the school by Anne Frank principal, Jonnice Berns.

    This was a momentous day for DISD school, Anne Frank Elementary.