• Policies

    Arrival and Departure:

    Because we value the safety of our children, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines for morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up.

    1. There is no supervision for the children before 7:30 am or after 3:30 pm.
    2. Children must cross with the crossing guard
    3. Children should get out of the car next to the curb, not in the middle of the street.
    4. Children arriving between 7:30 am-7:45 am should report to their designated waiting areas so their teachers can pick them up at the sound of the morning bell.

    Attendance and Tardiness

    Students in the Dallas Independent School District system are required to be in attendance a minimum of 159 days per year. A student who misses more than 16 days during a school year may lose credit for that year. When your child is ready to return to school after an absence, please send a signed note explaining the reason for the absence within 3 days to the child's teacher.

    Any student arriving after 8:00 am will be considered tardy. Parents will be notified if students are frequently tardy and the principal will take appropriate disciplinary action. Excused/Unexcused or Absence/Tardy Permits will be given from the Attendance Office.

    A parent who requests an early dismissal for urgent personal reasons must check the child out in the attendance office or the main office. To insure you child's safety, children will not be released to other adults unless his/her name is on the Enrollment Form or Student Emergency Card. Identification must be presented at the time of your request. We appreciate your cooperation in helping make our school safe for your children. 


    Awards assemblies are held at the end of the school year. Students are rewarded for attendance, scholastic achievement, and good character. Parents, visitors, friends are welcome to attend. 

    Blue Folder Day

    Because we know that parents like to be informed, we will send most communications about school events and activities home with your student on THURSDAY IN A BLUE FOLDER. Teachers may include personalized letters and information in the blue folders also.


    Anne Frank student participate in the Breakfast in the classroom program.



    Our school is staffed by one registered nurse and a clinic assistant. When a student feels ill at school, he/she will be sent to the clinic for further examination. A student will be sent home if he/she has a fever over 100 degrees, a (suspected) contagious disease, vomiting, or diarrhea. Feel free to contact the nurse at anytime during the school year if you have a concern about your child's vision or hearing. 

    Medicine During School Hours

    No over-the-counter medication will be given unless a prescription is obtained from your doctor for the medication. This includes aspirin, cough syrups, Tylenol, etc. All medication should be brought to school by the parent. In order for prescription medication of any kind to be given at school, the following is required:

    1. The medication must be in its original container.
    2. Parents/Guardians must sign a permission form.
    3. The medication is left at the clinic for dispensation.
    4. Note from the physician stating the child's name, the name of the medication, dosage, and the time it is to be given.

    A child having any contagious or infectious disease should NOT return to school unless he/she is cleared by a physician and brings a note from the physician's clinic.