• Description

    College Transition is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to be active and successful learners, both in high school and in college. Students examine numerous researchbased learning strategies that are proven to lead to academic success such as goal setting, effective time management, handling stress, note-taking, active reading, test-taking strategies, and conducting research. In the College Transition course, students will research financial scholarships and grant opportunities, complete applications, and explore technical schools, colleges, and universities. With the increased emphasis on career and college readiness and post-secondary education, students need a course that will provide opportunities to meet these post-secondary opportunities in grades 9-12.



    Students entering both high school and college need specific instruction in time management, organization, study skills, and motivation. They also need a structured introduction to the importance of a college education as well as the options available in high school and beyond. It is essential that students have the format and guidance early in their high school careers that enable them to identify their own skill sets and interests to establish their individual goals.