• Grades and Report Cards

    Below are policies with regards to Grading, Report Cards, Progress Reports, and Homework. Questions concerning Make-up work, Awards Assemblies, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and other topics not covered here can be found under District Policies on this website.


    Grading by teachers reflects how well the students understand the TEKS in each subject for their grade level. Grade documentations may include observations, checklists, portfolios,projects, anecdotal records, work journals, performance-based tests, and homework.

    On kindergarten and first grade report cards the following marks indicate:
    Consistently demonstrates the concept or skills being taught
    Progressing continuously
    Time needed for additional learning experiences.

    Children in grades 2-5 shall receive a grade point average based on a 100 point system. Numerical grade ranges will be:

    in danger of failing
    failing (50 is used for grades 50 and below



    Homework contributes to the development of independence and responsibility on the part of the student. Students in 2nd through 5th grade will receive homework a maximum of five hours per week. We believe homework is one of the most important responsibilities of our students. Homework should always be reviewed with students.

    Ideas for Helping your Child with their Homework:

    • Provide your child with suitable study conditions (desk or table, lights, reference materials, and supplies).
    • Schedule a special time for homework each day.
    • Remove distractions (turn off TVs and radios, no phone calls, etc.)
    • Show an interest in what your child is doing, but allow him/her to do his/her own work.
    • Understand that homework is expected to be completed and turned in on time in order to receive full credit.

    For Homework Tips and links to study sites helpful to your child, go to: 


    Progress reports will be issued at the teachers' discretion to students at the end of the third week of each six-week grading period. A Failing Notice will be sent home at the end of the third week for those students who are still making low grades.


    Reports Cards will be issued at the end of every six weeks.  Students in grades Pre-K through 5 will receive a computer-generated report card. Individual grade levels may be contacted for specific information reported on the Report Card.