• Naming of District Facilities

    Naming Schools and Facilities

    The Board of Trustees names district schools and facilities. In general, schools are named for people who have attained prominence locally or nationally or in the fields of education, science, art, statesmanship, political science, or the military; who were early pioneers of Dallas or Texas; or who were outstanding U.S. presidents.

    Students and other residents of the district shall be called upon to nominate people representing all cultures that may be considered for school names.

    Guidelines for naming schools and facilities:

    • Names of living persons shall not be considered except under special circumstances.
    • A nominee must have made a significant contribution to society.
    • A nominee should lend prestige and status to an institution of learning.
    • Nominations shall be made with a brief, three-paragraph, written statement containing:
      1. biographical data
      2. significant contributions
      3. statement of why a school should be named after the person

    Renaming Facilities

    When deemed unusual or appropriate, the board may take steps to rename school facilities or portions thereof. An appropriate use of the former name should be determined before the change is made. In renaming a facility or portion of one, the provisions set forth above shall be followed.

    Recommendations for name changes shall be received at any time during the year and referred to the administration for comments and input from the school community involved. The board shall review all such proposals and input at its May board briefing and shall vote on any recommendation to the full board at its June regular board meeting. Proposed changes must be submitted before April 1 to be included in that year"s consideration process.

    Naming Portions of Buildings

    At its discretion, the board may name portions of a building, such as a library or auditorium, for people of prominence, whether living or dead. Guidelines listed above shall apply in such cases with the exception of the first one.

    Form to be used by persons nominating names for new facilities (.pdf format)


    New school buildings and major additions to facilities shall be dedicated at a public and formal ceremony. A program or open house will be held to which the board, residents, parents, and students are invited. All plans for the public or formal opening of schools shall be made in cooperation with the principal.

    Detailed procedures for dedication ceremonies shall be furnished to the principal by the Communication Services Department.