• 2020- 2021 Master Schedule Training & Support


    The master schedule training and support schedule will be available for two weeks in advance. The schedule will be sent in the CAS Weekly Newsletter to campus staff. To join, you will click on the Join Session link under each session. You may have to hold down your Control key and click your mouse.

    Sessions are provided using Zoom. In May & June, sessions may be conducted using Microsoft Teams. We will update training information as sessions change. You MUST join the session using a computer that has video.



    Please use the following links for a list of Upcoming Training

    Upcoming Training HS Schedule 

    Upcoming Training MS Schedule

    Upcoming Training ES Schedule


    Structure of Training & Support:

    • Targeted Training: These sessions are designated for specific campus groups such as elementary or high school. These sessions will provide training designed for the intended


    • Some sessions will be limited to specific schools. Schools will be sent meeting links for their designated time. Please do NOT share these type of training links with others as the session audience is limited and/or very


    • Other sessions have very specific training and the session title is a guide for who should join the training. These sessions are offered multiple times and schools can join the session most convenient for


    • Open Lab Support: Open Lab is not a training session but will be used for schools to ask questions and receive guided support regarding technical questions related to development of their master
      • Open Lab sessions are open to all campus staff who are responsible for entering the master schedule components for 2020-2021. This group includes counselors, data controllers, assistant principals, and principals.


    • Open Lab sessions use “come & go” You can join at any time during the session and leave the training when your questions are answered.


    • There are some considerations to virtual Open Lab:
      • There is not limit to the number of attendees, so the session may have a lot of You may have to wait to have your question answered.


    • Open Lab is not available on Fridays, to allow staff to plan for the next


    • When your Coordinator is serving as a trainer at Open Lab, they are not available to answer calls or emails until their session is


    • By listening in as other schools have their questions answered you may have your questions answered, as


    • Late May and June Open Lab is traditionally VERY busy!

    For questions regarding 2020-2021 master schedule training and support, please contact your Coordinator.