• Come join our Theater Arts Club which is the newest theatrical movement making a splash at Edna Rowe. Its leadership is headed by Mr. Aviña and Mr. Altman with several other talented colleagues. We equally seek fellow members who are willing to be committed to sacrifice their time, memorizing script, wrapped in interest, and talent. All this will be determined by casting for particular roles such as our comic play “The Wonderful Christmas Wedding of Cucarachita Martina” and original- dramatic screenplay “The Mayor and the Voters”. We will limit our group to 15 students for concentrated development. The majority will be 5th graders but are open to selected 4th graders. Our goal is to use this wonderful Arts Club as a tool to enhance possible hidden talents and to use this energy to instill a deeper desire to bring out the best academically.

    J. Luis Aviña / Antwan Altman

Theater Arts