• Power Hour is a time where scholars have a chance to explore a passion activity. Empower hour activities are hosted by teachers and take place during school on Fridays. Every Pre-K - 2nd grade scholar is part of a club.

  • First Lego League Jr (FLL Jr)

    Teacher: Ms. Gutierrez

    Students will build models using LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 and create Show Me posters to present what they learned. The program focuses on building interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) through a real-world challenge – to be solved by research, critical thinking, and imagination.

  • Painting

    Teacher: Ms. Scully

    Scholars will get the opportunity to explore a creative side of themselves through painting club. We will explore using different types of paint, brushes, and creating various pieces of artwork. Your scholar will engage in being creative, confident, and feeling accomplished as they create masterpieces throughout their time in the club.

  • Folk Art

    Teacher: Ms. Elvir

    Scholars will learn about folk art from other cultures around the world. This will teach girls to appreciate people from around the world and teach them new techniques and materials used in art. GIrls will have the opportunity to create their own versions of folk art.

  • Learn Lao!

    Teacher: Mrs. Echeverria

    Sharpen your mind and boost your brain power! Scholars will learn how to read and write the Lao alphabet, as well as speak practical phrases.

  • Storybook STEAM

    Teacher: Mrs. Cottonham

    What better way to STEAM up our literature than giving scholars STEAM challenges connected to picture book stories they love!

  • Zumba 

    Teachers: Ms. Montoya, Mrs. Leguizamo

    Zumba Kids classes feature kid-friendly routines based on original Zumba choreography. We break down the steps, add games, activities and cultural exploration elements into the class structure.

  • Jam and Paint

    Teacher: Ms. Cano

    Painting has a new twist! Scholars will enjoy painting while letting music guide their creativity to a new level. Class will enjoy instruction with movement and a paintbrush in hand to express themselves in the way the music makes them feel.

  • Cooperative Board Games

    Teachers: Mrs. Dzygun, Mrs. Burrow

    Taking turns, cooperative play, teamwork, and strategies -- these are some of the skills scholars will learn when playing board games with their peers! Challenge each other while working together!

Board Games
  • Legos and Board Games

    Teacher: Mrs. Santos

    No more asking the male figures in our lives to help with building and reading directions! Through this club, girls will learn persistence and experience the accomplishment that comes from following directions and accomplishing a task on their own while having fun with Legos! They will also learn the basics of board game play and sportsmanship.

  • Español con mis amigas

    Teacher: Ms. Baeza

    Scholars will get an opportunity to immerse in a Spanish classroom environment where they will learn basic vocabulary and phrases in the language. In this club, scholars will get an opportunity to play fun games and to interact with each other in a fun/safe environment.

  • Dancenastics

    Teacher: Ms. Sly

    Backbends, cartwheels, leaps, and turns...dancenastics is an energizing club that combines the beauty and rhythm of dance with the strength and skill of gymnastics. In this club, your scholar will build flexibility, strength, coordination, and confidence as she learns stretching and conditioning exercises, basic gymnastics skills, and exciting dance routines.

  • Dancing With Math

    Teacher: Mrs. Witherspoon

    Did you know that there is math in dance? In this club, scholars will learn basic dance techniques, body awareness, coordination and stretches as they relate to math. We will explore how to count music, create shapes with our bodies, and learn some fun jazz routines.

  • Engineering Through Legos

    Teacher: Mrs. Perlman

    Students will learn how to build working simple machines using Legos.

  • American Sign Language

    Teacher: Ms. Cortes

    In this club, scholars will gain the skills and knowledge needed to communicate in American Sign Language. Scholars will learn basic grammar, vocabulary, fingerspelling, and all about the Deaf culture through fun games and more!

  • Coding

    Teacher: Ms. Jones

    Coding Club is for students that are curious, problem solvers, responsible, and team players.  This club will introduce you to the basics of coding, computer programming, and video game development.

  • Reader’s Theatre

    Teacher: Ms. Capetillo

    Stories will come alive as girls master how to act out character feelings, action, and dialogue. Your scholar will learn a combination of theatre skills and reading analytical skills while studying and performing fictional stories.

  • Craft Club

    Teachers: Ms. Canales, Ms. Rosales

    The purpose of the DIY Craft Club is to provide students with a creative, comfortable atmosphere to learn and create crafts that can be worn, useful, and decorative. We will cater to club members' artistic and creative interests by gathering their feedback and requests for future crafts.