• At Solar, our focus on STEAM ensures that our scholars get exposure to hands-on learning that challenges them to think critically and creatively, and lets them apply important content knowledge in meaningful ways. The “A” in STEAM is what makes the STEM field more approachable to every scholar. The arts allow our scholars to learn new concepts in open-ended ways making them accessible and applicable to real-life. Our “specials” courses are just one way that our students get to experience the A in STEAM.

    The specials courses offered at Solar are: 

    • Art
    • Music/Theater
    • Physical Education
    • Library
    • Makerspace Education

    Aside from participating in the specials courses listed above, scholars have a choice day on Fridays. A choice day allows scholars to choose a specials class based on their interest to have an extra day of enrichment for an entire semester - with the exception of the 4th/5th music/theatre selection which is a year long commitment. At the end of the semester, we hold a showcase for scholars to show off what they have worked on in their chosen specials course. By allowing our scholars to make their choice day selections freely, we are helping them build their student agency, or take ownership and responsibility for what they learn.