• P.E.

    Scholars will be challenged to use their creativity to design a variety of obstacle courses.  We will explore various types of movement that will be used to successfully navigate through each obstacle course.  We will dive deeper into safety by closely analyzing various pieces of equipment that will be used for building the courses.

  • Library

    Scholars will engage in a book study with a menu of options to showcase their understanding of the text.  There will also be an introduction to library management and organization.

  • Art

    Scholars will learn the process of fantasy world building and character development. They will utilize several different art mediums to create a fully-realized fantasy world.

  • Music

    Scholars will have the opportunity to participate in Modern Band during the school day instead of as an afterschool club. Scholars of Modern Band utilize non-traditional band instruments such as acoustic or electric guitars, ukuleles, keyboards, drum set, and technology in learning to play and perform popular music styles.  We thank the generous support of Little Kids Rock, a non-profit organization that donates instruments to public schools.