• P.E. - Soccer

    Scholars will learn various technical skills and apply these skills in small-sided games.  Emphasis will be placed on enjoyment and development over competition with the end goal of playing in an 8 v 8 setting.

  • Garden: Going Green at Solar Preparatory 

    Scholars will do a self assessment about how much waste they produce at home or at school and together we will commit to changing habits and changing our Solar community by starting with small sustainable projects/goals. Scholars will create handmade items to use and take back home. They will also design and sustainable products to sell at the 4th grade/5th grade showcase to Solar families.

  • Music/Theatre

    Scholars who select Music & Theatre as their choice will plan and perform a musical theatre production, Annie KIDS. This is a full year commitment and scholars will be expected to participate fully and perform at the end of the year. All rehearsals will take place during the choice class time. Note: This is a separate experience from the after-school musical.

  • Art

    Scholars will learn about alternative methods of art-making such as cyanotype printing, paper making, and using materials found in nature to paint. They will be able to expand their understanding of the elements and principles of art by applying their previous knowledge to new artistic challenges.

  • P.E. - Wellness

    Scholars will explore body and mind health through the practice of various mindfulness techniques as well as the investigation of the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables.  Students will have the opportunity to generate recipes for tasty, nutritional smoothies and use kitchen tools to create them.

  • Library

    Scholars will participate in a book study with a menu of options to showcase their understanding of the text.  There will also be an introduction to library management and purchasing and collection development organization.

  • Makerspace

    Scholars will learn tool safety and skills while working through the design thinking process. Girls will be looking at their community as a whole with curiosity and empathy. They will investigate and choose a problem to solve that will have a positive impact. By the end of their project, they will have creatively engineered prototypes and have working products that will solve a problem in their community.

  • Social Emotional Learning: Researching as a Global Citizen

    Scholars will participate in a global citizen project with a menu of options to showcase their understanding of global issues around the world.  There will also be an introduction to global concepts. They will also design advertisements for Global Change at the 4th grade/5th grade showcase to Solar families.