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    Many have asked in this call to action what can be done to help create a better society. Being an ally is a way to support others in the workplace, at school, or within your own circles of community, uniting as voices of influence while advancing the movement.

    Black Lives Matter is the clarion call of advocacy for all to participate in positive change. Here's how an ally can be part of that change and understand their role.

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     Common terms defined

    • Ally (noun) - someone who stands with or advocates for individuals and groups other than their own. 
    • Privilege (noun) - a special benefit or advantage that may be earned or unearned. Note: A person may or may not be aware that they are benefiting from privilege!
    • Social Justice Allies (noun) - "'Members of dominant social groups' who are working to end systems of oppression that give them greater privilege and power based on social group membership. Dominate social groups can change depending on context." -Broido, E.M. (2000). The development of social allies during college: A phenomenological investigation. Journal of College Student Development, 41, 3-17.
    • Identity (noun) - the qualities, characteristics or beliefs that make a person who they are.

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