Getting ready for AP 3D
    Make a folder inside of your google share folder labeled AP3D. Inside of this folder move pictures of your best work that can be used in your AP portfolio next year. Try to have at least 10 projects, “best 10 photos” in this folder from freshman and sophomore year.


    Delete the worst projects / photos out of your google share folder. Make sure not to delete any of the "best 10"


    Add a new google doc into your AP3D folder. Answer the following questions. 1. What is your favorite 3D art material? 2. What is your favorite 3D technique? 3. What materials do you think you would want / need for your AP portfolio? 4. What equipment would you want / need for your AP portfolio? 5. What theme or idea would you want to explore in your AP Portfolio? Next year you will have to make 15 projects / submissions all exploring the same idea, theme, story, or technique exploration. For you what would you want that to be?


    Sketch out an idea of what your first AP 3D project can be and upload it to your AP3D google folder.


    Email me with any questions or concerns. Jessbell@dallasisd.org