• Site-Based Decision Making (SBDM)

    A process for decentralizing decisions to improve the educational outcomes at every school campus through a collaborative effort by which principals, teachers, campus staff, district staff, parents, and community representatives assess educational outcomes of all students, determine goals and strategies, and ensure that strategies are implemented and adjusted to improve student achievement.
    Basically, as a community decide what is in the best interest of the students, and work closely with PTA to raise and implement the funds in order to execute positive change.
    We invite all members of the Preston Hollow community and businesses to join us! 
    SBDM Board for the 2023-2024 School Year
    Ginette Peralta Suarez-Principal 

     Asst. Principal
    Araceli Hernandez, IB Coordinator/Chair

    Georgianna Wood, Vice-Chair

    Deyanira Ibarra , Recorder

     , Facilitator/Timekeeper

    Christian Wright, Business

    Smitha Thomas, Community

    Ty Beasley, Business

    , Parent

    , Teacher


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