Staff News

Staff Information & News for 2020-2021 School Year

  • 2020-2021 Overall News

     Please be aware of the following:

    • Parent commitment non-binding until 2 weeks prior to school starting (TEA)
    • 9 week grading period
    • Block schedule (reduce transitioning for face to face (hybrid students 2 days per week on campus))
    • A minimum amount of time of student engagement is 180 min(student responses/video/etc) Virtual:  Hybrid 9-12 only
    • May have virtual teachers teaching all virtual students: May be required to come to campus:
      • Elem: 2 options:
        • 1. face to face or 2. Virtual
        • No   hybrid option (do not want parents to have babysitting issues 3 days per week)
      • Secondary options:
        • New students will enroll in virtual: until the end of the grading period (9 weeks) THEN  parents can choose
          • 1. Virtual 2. Hybrid 3. Face to Face
    • Singleton classes may prove to be a problem ( ex. 1 French teacher): solutions are being investigated.
    • Compliance videos required
    • Extraneous furniture will be removed ( for distancing)
    • BAND  (UIL sanctioned) Purchasing more instruments/no sharing/
    • CHOIR (sing outside): read music and etc. Inside 
    • CAFETERIA will use plexiglass dividers on tables/breakfast in the classroom
    • ROTC same rules, if distancing can't be offered inside, have to perform outside (info forthcoming)
    • Water bottles allowed (campus-based) no refills/No sharing
    • Proms/dances/ etc. : TBA
    • Specialized units: DISD is investigating guidelines/ no guidelines from TEA as of yet/Info forthcoming 
    • ATHLETICS: To be eligible for athletic stipends, coaches and athletic trainers must report to campus to fulfill athletic responsibilities conduct practices and athletic events. This includes those who are approved to teach remotely, on a dual contract, and assigned to an athletic period.
    • BUSES: 1 child per seat/ requesting parent to take/pickup: Hand sanitizer, requiring a mask, taking temperature/ Plan evolving because of lack of buses: if the student has a temperature, the white van will pick students up and take to a site to get evaluated and parent pickup from the site: buses will be delayed if such issues occur
    • Questions: Q &A posted on DISD website (Main page)/ search Q &A
    • Based on upcoming board decisions, many aspects are still being decided.