• What is AP Comparative Government & Politics?

    This course introduces students to the rich diversity of political life outside the United States. The course uses a comparative approach to examine the political structures, policies, and political, economic, and social challenges among six selected countries: Great Britain, Mexico, Russia, Iran, China, and Nigeria. Additionally, students examine how different governments solve similar problems by comparing the effectiveness of approaches to many global issues.

    AP Comparative Government & Politics Course Content

    Students compare and contrast political institutions and processes across six countries (Great Britain, Mexico, Russia, Iran, China, and Nigeria) and analyze and interpret data to derive generalizations. Topics include:

    • Introduction to Comparative Politics
    • Sovereignty, Authority, and Power
    • Political Institutions
    • Citizens, Society, and the State
    • Political and Economic Change
    • Public Policy

    The emphasis should be on broad trends that allow comparison, rather than on details that are unrelated to larger trends and concepts.

    Course Goals

    Students successfully completing this course will:

    • Compare and contrast political concepts, themes, and generalizations;
    • Describe and explain typical patterns of political processes and behaviors and their consequences;
    • Compare and contrast political institutions and processes across countries to derive generalizations; and
    • Analyze and interpret basic data relevant to comparative government and politics.


    How does AP Comparative Government & Politics Differ from AP US Government & Politics?

    AP United States Government and Politics concentrates solely on the key political ideas, institutions, policies, and behaviors that make up the political culture and system of the United States. 

    What is the Equivalent College-Level Course?

    This course aligns to a typical one-semester college-level introductory course in comparative government and politics.