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    African-American and Mexican-American Studies

    These courses create opportunities for students to explore the rich and diverse history and culture of African-Americans and Mexican-Americans.


    Pre-K Access

    The Dallas ISD Racial Equity Office and Early Learning Department partnered to increase access to Pre-K by providing scholarships to students in targeted zip codes within Dallas.


    Cultural Intelligence Training

    Through a partnership with the Cultural Intelligence Center, Dallas ISD has developed a comprehensive plan to train all Dallas ISD personnel, including Trustees, District Leadership, professional and support staff at all campuses, and all Central Office Employees, on developing cultural responsiveness and mitigating unconscious bias.


    Teacher Residency Program

    Program focused on recruiting African-American men for a year-long teaching residency program to create better representation in the teaching force.


    Equity in Bond (Student and Family Resource Centers)

    As part of the November 2020 Bond Initiative, Dallas ISD will be committing $40 million to Racial Equity by investing in Student and Family Resource Centers in communities that have historically been marginalized. Dallas ISD will partner with other outside organizations to provide a wide range of services to families in these communities.


    Creating Accelerating Performance

    The CAP Program is designed to improve the reading skills of rising 3rd, 6th, and 9th grade African-American and English Learner students. Students who attend CAP make gains in comprehension, fluency and foundational reading skills. Students expressed increased confidence in their reading ability and greater enjoyment of reading after participating in the program.


    Magnet Schools Application Initiative

    The Magnet Schools Application Initiative is a collaborative effort of the Department of Magnet Programs and the REO to increase the number of qualified in district African-American and English Learner students applying to and accepted by the district's magnet schools.