• Studio Bella Explorers


    Explorers is housed under the Studio Bella for Kids program. Established here in East Dallas in 2008, Studio Bella for Kids began with a mom of two boys who wanted to have fun and learning together to begin a great summer program. Fast forward to 2020 and you will find that Studio Bella is immersed and vested in East Dallas and Dallas Children alike year-round.
    Explorers is our 5 day a week after-school program at Hexter and Sanger Elementary Schools that runs from 3:00- 5:55 pm. Our Explorers program is an interactive, activity-based after-school option for families in our community. STEAM is our focus and fearless creativity and fun are our passions.


    Explorers 2020 – 2021

    Studio Bella has spots available for our Explorers program. The program will start on October 26th and operates Monday - Friday from 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm. We will be following Covid guidelines provided by DISD's Extended Learning Opportunities department as we are now vendors for the district. Their guidelines allow us to have 50 students and have a caregiver/child ratio of 1:10. Also, that caregiver is in charge of the same 10 children to minimize the spread of Covid. We will follow/incorporate any other guidelines recommended by the district, Health and Human Service, the CDC, etc. We will also follow the sanitizing guidelines provided by these agencies. We will work with the Sanger admin team to come up with a protocol for staggered arrival and we will have a staggered pick-up protocol for parents, which includes texting our site director and having your child/ren escorted to the car. This minimizes the number of people that have contact with our kids. If you need more information, have questions, or need help registering your child, feel free to contact me. My email address is penny@studiobellaforkids.com. Visit our website - studiobellaforkids.com for more information or to register.


    We are excited to announce that registration for the 2020-2021 school year is now open for all families. One registration is required PER CHILD. Registration is limited by age and space available at each school. We are anticipating an increase in registration. To ensure a spot for your child, it is recommended you register on or close to the opening date due to limited spots.

    It is recommended:
    • to use a desktop computer for registration.
    • to set up an account in your registration process


    To register, click the school of your choosing. The fine details about our program are below. Feel free to contact us at explorers@studiobellaforkids.com with any questions. We are happy to answer them!

    More about the program:

    Our Explorers program prides itself on conceptual ideas and creative problem solving for the kids to engage in and have fun with. Add our social emotional learning and physical activity to make a well-rounded program for all!

    • #1 Rated after school provider through the DISD rigorous proposal process.
    • Based on the DISD calendar, Explorers hours are 3:00- 5:55 every full school day.
    • Weekly emails prior to the upcoming week with details about the upcoming fun and announcements.
    • 1:20 ratio on Mondays for group sports/art, Wednesdays for Games/art and Fridays for either Lego, Perler Bead, Mystery Box or Philanthropy Friday.
    • 1:10 – 1:15 ratio on Tuesdays and Thursdays for creative STEAM programming.
    • Homework, reading and/or journaling time is part of our daily schedule Monday-Thursday. Journals are provided by Studio Bella for writing or drawing.
    • Guided playtime is allowed in the gym or outside with our staff monitoring and helping children work through challenges.


    • $150 non-refundable child registration fee.
    • The cost is $60 a week ($4 per hour) which comes to $216 per month for ten months. Tuition for up to 2 days a week is $108 a month for 10 months. If you enroll after August 17, your rate will be prorated and averaged, so your rate will be slightly different to cover the averaged cost. The first tuition payment is due August 1. Auto draft is suggested and preferred. We offer a credit card or debit card option.
    • Explorers t-shirt included for those that register before September 1.
    • Option for one day care at the rate of $25 per day on signup genius. Important information such as a phone number and email address will be required prior to sign up in case of emergency.
    • Check the “send email” link so that we are notified immediately when they sign up.

    Click to Email Us With Questions


    Aftercare Cancellation and Refund Policy


    A 30-day written notice is required to fully cancel your monthly aftercare contract. A $25 service fee will apply. Refunds are forfeited if children are no longer able to participate due to behavioral problems, suspension or expulsion. Cancellation due to long periods of illness, extreme family circumstances will be reviewed, and refunds may be granted upon our discretion on a case by case basis.


    Studio Bella Behavior Guidelines


    Attending the Studio Bella Explorers Program is a privilege, not a right. Students are expected to behave in a way that ensures a safely run the program for all to enjoy. As an after-school programming partner to Hexter and Sanger Elementary, we support and enforce DISD’s Code of Conduct and we fully support and abide by each school’s rules, policies and procedures. Therefore, all students are expected to follow all rules and discipline policies of the regular school day. Incident reports will indicate any problems that need to be addressed and must be signed upon pickup. Explorer participants who consistently disregard school rules and policies will be dismissed. Reasons for Incident Reports and/or dismissal will include but are not be limited to: injury to others, failure to follow directions and safety rules, inappropriate language, disrespectful behavior towards staff and/or others, or any violence. Should it be determined that a student’s behavior proves harmful to him/herself or others, immediate dismissal from the program will result.