• Quick Facts

    Principal: Norma Barragan

    Assistant Principal: Rossy Perez

    Grade Levels: PK-5

    Trustee: Ben Mackey

    Trustee District: District 7

    School Division/Feeder Pattern:
    Schools Division 3-Molina High School Feeder Pattern

    Grade levels:

    CM Soto Jr. Elementary is a community of leaders who recognize, honor and nurture the greatness in all teachers, staff, students and families.

    Our mission at CM Soto Jr. Elementary is to LEADListen to Understand, Express Kindness, Achieve Goals, and Demonstrate Responsibility.

    Uniform colors

    • Top: Navy, Yellow or White
    • Bottoms: Navy or Khaki

    School colors: Navy Blue and Gold

    Mascot: Soto Stars