• Supplemental Science Materials Selection Timeline

    The timeline for the Supplemental Science Materials selection is listed below. Please share with eligible
    Science staff – Grade 5 Science, Grades 6-8 Science, Biology, Chemistry, IPC, and Physics. Should you
    have Science staff selected to serve on the District Textbook Adoption Committee, please keep in mind
    the date* that they may be asked to participate will occur during the school day. The Teaching and
    Learning Division will pay for substitutes and provide lunch for participating teachers. A manual will be
    provided with additional information to assist in the process. As a final reminder, we ask that if you allow a
    publisher to present to your science teachers, that all publishers be afforded the same opportunity.
    July 22, 2011 State Board of Education approved list of publishers to provide Supplemental Science Materials
    August 12 – August 18 District Textbook Adoption Committee list will be developed
    August 15 - September 2
    Open viewing window (including public exhibits and campus presentations upon requests)
    [*Public Exhibits 4:30-7:30 p.m. on the following dates: 08/23/11 at the Administration Building; 08/25/11 at the Buckner Building; 08/30/11 at Quintanilla MS; 08/31/11 at Hillcrest HS; 09/01/11 at Nolan Estes Plaza]
    September 3 – November 1 Closed Period [Absolutely no contact with or from publishers]
    September 6 – September 16 Teacher electronic voting window via Curriculum Central
    (Online voting procedures are located on Curriculum Central)
    September 19 Voting Verification Form due from campuses
    September 22 Board Approval of District Textbook Adoption Committee
    September 29* Top 3 publishers present to District Textbook Adoption Committee for final selections (8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.)
    October 20 District Textbook Adoption Committee’s final selections approved by the Board
    Week of October 24 Materials launched on Curriculum Central
    November Multiple after-school training opportunities by publishers
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