• Don't Forget Your Library Card

    All students who attend a public or charter school in the city of Dallas and their teachers are eligible for library cards from Dallas Public Library.


    To enroll your students, email libyouthservices@dallascityhall.com to get started. Physical cards will not be issued at this time, but e-card numbers can be used for physical and electronic materials. 


    Teachers who want an Educator Card can apply to librarycustomerservice@dallaslibrary.org and get extended check-out periods. Remember we are fine free!



    Starfall.com, Where children have fun learning to read!
    Starfall is useful for Prek-3rd grade for lessons on many different topics.

    One can research many topics including biographies of famous people, science fair projects and other information to explore such as reference with homework help, Art and Music, Math and Science, Sports and Recreation, Fun Stuff, and Reading with online books.  

    DOGOnewsELA-Science-Social Studies

    DOGOnews.com is a leading source for current events, news, and non-fiction texts across a variety of categories and grade levels. Students can discover articles of interest and post comments based on their reactions to the content, all within the confines of a kid-friendly ecosystem.

    Scholastic Fun
    Scholastic offers movies about books, popular movies and TV shows, and music videos.


    READTHEORY is a free site with many nonfiction texts with questions asked about the text.  Click on the above picture and it will take you directly to the site to sign up as a student.  Directions from READTHEORY.org to begin, we'll need you to answer 10 questions to the best of your ability. Then you'll be able to start earning points and achievements in the main area of our program. Just keep in mind that we strongly discourage you to receive outside help on your pretest, as this may skew your results and make our program less effective. Just do your best and remember that you're a star!  Answer the questions using the information presented in the passage and your own critical thinking skills. Note that you will never be asked to rely on information existing outside the passage.
    There are quizzes to take over the information read and it contains the grade level of the passage.  Students can track their progress on their account.


    Dr. Seuss

    Click on the above link to head to Seussville - the land of Dr. Seuss.

    Dog Man 8 : Fetch 22Dav's Fun Stuff

    Captain Underpants

    Welcome to the world of Dav Pilkey famous for his Captain Underpants series.

    Junie B. Jones
    Do you love Junie B. Jones?  Check out her website.

    Vocabulary City
    Do your students need help with spelling and vocabulary?  


    Fun Brain

    Funbrain consists of educational games geared to math and reading.

    Have you read a movie lately?
    Click above for 50 great movies based on books

    Reading is Fundemental

    RIF Reading Planet where Reading is Fundamental!


    Washington quarter - Wikipedia

    US Mint

    Need to learn about money?

    Vocabulary Game to Earn Free Rice

    Play the Free Rice game on vocabulary to donate grains of rice for World Hunger.
     Handprint How to Find the Just Right Book              

     The Five Finger Rule

    Select the hand print above to find out information on the Five Finger Rule.   The Five Finger Rules is a quick and easy way to determine if a book is the right book for you.  This page also provides videos for students, parents, and caregivers to help them determine if the book is "Just the Right Book."