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    Required for all Dallas ISD applicants: 

    • A valid driver’s license or state ID 
    • Social Security card 
    • Must pass a background check. The cost of the background check is $50.00 to be paid by the applicant 
    • All positions require a high school diploma except custodian positions 


    Required for all Maintenance & Facility driving positions  

    • Valid Texas Driver License and a driving record that meets the District's standard 
    • Must submit a driving record from the Texas Motor Vehicles 
    • Some driving positions require a Class C driver’s license  
    • Random drug testing will be required of all employees who drive a District vehicle 


    Requirements for highlighted positions in Maintenance and Facility Services 


    Required for Custodians -  Northwest Apply here or Southeast Apply here 

    • Demonstrated ability to operate cleaning equipment 
    • Demonstrated ability to lift or exert force of up to 50 pounds, and occasionally lift or exert force up to 100 pounds 
    • Demonstrated skill in cleaning methods and procedure, disinfecting, safety, security, and building maintenance 
    • Demonstrated ability of proper usage for all cleaning supplies 
    • Demonstrated ability to follow instructions with minimal supervision 
    • Subject to Dallas ISD random drug test 

    Required for Painters –  20191119-024 - Apply here or RTP 20200805-026 - Apply here 

    • Three (3) years of experience in painting application and preparation 
    • Demonstrated ability to perform responsibilities under general supervision 
    • Demonstrated general knowledge of various types of interior and exterior paints, solvents, primers, stains, acrylics, lacquers, epoxies, and other industry coatings 
    • Demonstrated general knowledge and ability to use paint spray equipment, power equipment, or hand application of paints and coatings 
    • Must pass a lead paint certification course 
    • Must pass physical to wear half face negative pressure respirator 


    Required for Groundskeeper – RTP 20200625-030 - Apply here, RTP 20200625-032 - Apply here or 1900076 - Apply here 

    • Accredited High School Diploma or equivalent preferred (U.S.A. equivalency) 
    • One (1) year of directly related experience 
    • Ability to obtain a Texas driver’s license and a driving record that meets the District’s standard for operation of motor vehicles preferred 
    • Must possess the physical ability to meet the requirements of the position 
    • Dependable work experience preferred 
    • Must be able to pass the Dallas ISD random drug test 



    To view all Maintenance and Facility Services position openings, please visit www.dallasisd.org/careers