Mrs. Sandy Barajas - Pre K Teacher Assistant

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    Welcome to Runyon Elementary, my name is Mrs. Barajas and I have been  at Runyon for 2 yrs as a Teacher Assistant for 2 yrs now. I have been with DISD for  5yr total as a Teacher Assistant. I am happily married to my husband Ignacio for  over 20 yrs and have three lovely young daughters, Pricila, Yamilett and Isabella  all teenagers. I am currently working on finishing my Associates in Teaching of  Fine Arts then will continue my Bachelors. I am working to become a Art teacher  someday soon. I am very crafty and love to work with children in order to help  them expand their learning capabilities to the maximum. That is just so  rewarding for me as a Teacher Assistant to see those faces light up with joy when  they have learned something new. Once again welcome to the Runyon Family  where your child will be appreciated and loved! 



    Phone: 972-749-6100