English Course Descriptions: 

    English I:  This course emphasizes the fundamental language skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening, thinking, viewing and presenting. An emphasis on vocabulary and composition skills will be an on-going part of the program. The course includes studies of various literary genres: short story, poetry, novel, drama, and non-fiction. The development of critical reading and writing skills is a major emphasis of the course.

    English I Pre-AP:  This course concentrates on a general review of grammar with emphasis upon usage. Strong attention will be given to the development of composition and critical reading skills. Vocabulary development and outside reading will complement this course of study. Literature study will be supported by composition. Literary emphasis includes the short story, novel, drama, and poetry.

    English II:  This course includes a review of grammar skills, the teaching of intermediate composition skills, and an examination of various literary genres that include the short story, poetry, drama, non-fiction, and the novel. Emphasis in both semesters will be placed on vocabulary development, composition skills, critical reading, and critical writing skills. 

    English II Pre-AP:  In this course, students will review writing skills and extend their study of vocabulary, the short story, novel, poetry, and drama. Strong attention will be given to the development of composition and critical reading skills. Composition will support literature study. Outside reading assignments will continue throughout the year.  

    English III American Literature:  This course continues emphasis on composition skills and literary analysis through a focus on the American Experience.  Studies will focus on the colonization of America and its fight for independence during the Fall semester and America’s expansion into many new directions in the Spring Semester.  Study will include the exploration of English as a developing and changing language. Students will be studying the development of American Literature and important American authors. All literary study is supported by composition. 

    English III AP: This course prepares students to be successful on the AP exam. Reading requirements of this course are more demanding and require insightful analysis. This instruction also provides the student with sophisticated techniques for success in writing on a college level.

    English IV:  Students will discover ways to take a critical approach to reading and writing as they connect the meanings of cultural texts.  Independent thinking will be fostered through logical and insightful analysis, interactions with literature, and reading and writing.  This class prepares students for life after high school-college or the work force.

    English IV AP: Advanced Placement English IV is designed for the above-average, college-bound student. Writing about literature by analyzing the themes and the stylistic and rhetorical devices of selected works by a variety of authors is emphasized.  One of the main objectives of this class is to prepare the student to earn college credit through the Advanced Placement Literature and Composition Examination.