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    January 23, 2023



    • Strategic compensation is paused for central staffThere is no impact to current 2022-2023 CSEI compensation (based on the 2021-2022 CSEI results), including the retention incentive.
    • Individual end-of-year evaluation ratings will not include division-wide measures (i.e. Core 4 division survey and division goals). 



    • All participating divisions/positions that began the 2022-2023 appraisal cycle on CSEI will remain on the CSEI evaluation instrument, including performance and goals rubrics, through June 2023.
    • Evaluation tasks (mid-year self-review, end-of-year summative appraisal) will continue aligned to the evaluation calendar.
    • Central staff on CSEI will be eligible for a Board-approved increase in 2023-2024, if approved through the budget process this Spring/Summer.


    CSEI TRANSITION FAQs link here:


  • Professional Learning Webinars for Central Staff Leaders

    HCM's Performance Management team offers a series of virtual learnings designed for current and aspiring central staff leaders. These self-paced webinars can be completed on your schedule, any time.

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    Making the most of your time with your team members (Click HERE to launch in Cornerstone)


    Providing clear, concise performance information to maximize team members' impact (Click HERE to launch in Cornerstone)

    Developing  People

    Your role in growing the next generation of leaders (Click HERE to launch in Cornerstone)

    Exercising Authority

    Positively and effectively leading the work of your team (Click HERE to launch in Cornerstone)

    Goals & Priorities

    How goals and priorities impact results (Click HERE to launch in Cornerstone)


    Leveraging the goal-setting process to drive outcomes (Click HERE to launch in Cornerstone)

    Mindset in the Workplace

    How fostering a growth mindset supports personal development (Click HERE to launch in Cornerstone)