• Dunbar's Student Uniforms


    Slacks and PantsKhakii pants

    Color: All slacks and pants must be a solid color: Khaki

    Style: Slacks and pants can be pleated or flat front, full length, appropriately fastened at the waist. Pants with loops require belts.

    Material:  Cotton, canvas, polyester, or twill. No sweatpants or tights!



       White Polo Shirt Tops

                                                                Polo style- All tops must be worn tucked inside pants, slacks or skirts.

                                                                  Color: All students should wear white shirts or burgundy

                                                                  Style: Long or short sleeves polo style required. 

                                                                  Undershirts: Must be white.


    Skirts and Jumpers

    Color: Khaki- in a solid, single color.

    Style: Skirts must be at least knee length

    Shorts and Capris

    Color: Khaki-in a solid, single color

    Style: Shorts must be at least knee length

    Jackets, Cardigans, and Sweaters

    Color: Must match an accepted uniform color (Students are issued a school sweater vest or cardigan with school logo)

    Style: All must be worn over a polo style top.



    Style: Athletic shoes, loafers, dress shoes, or other closed-toed/ closed heel shoes. NO CROCS!!!

    *Parents of students who qualify for free/reduced lunch may request a uniform assistance application at their child's school. The district will provide one uniform each year to each approved student.