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    1. Will students still have the same teacher they do now if deciding to do online only? Students will have the same teacher for the school year.


    1. How many kids per class, if going to face to face? 60% of class roster

    Source: Learning model survey for parents https://www.dallasisd.org/parentsurvey2020

    Safety first

    For all school levels, safety is a top priority. Because limiting the number of people in the school at one time is a critical factor in controlling the spread of COVID-19, a hybrid attendance schedule may be considered to allow for social distancing. 

    Any school that has more than 60% of the students returning for in-person learning will be considered for implementation of the hybrid attendance schedule OR provide an alternate five-day site. In this case, students will attend school on campus  two or three days a week or attend an alternate five-day option site.  If the hybrid model is selected, then the remaining days of the week students will participate in distance (at-home) learning model. Parents will be notified by school of the option if the hybrid schedule or alternate site will be implemented.


    1. Will more teachers be added if a lot more student's return to in person classes?

    We will wait for district guidance after leveling


    1. If some test positive for Covid will school shut down?

    How many need to be infected if they do or dont?

    English:   https://www.dallasisd.org/reentry

    Spanish:   https://www.dallasisd.org/Page/68143


    Spanish:   https://www.dallasisd.org/cms/lib/TX01001475/Centricity/Domain/24708/Education-Evolution-Parent-Booklet-Spanish072320.pdf

    English:   https://www.dallasisd.org/cms/lib/TX01001475/Centricity/Domain/24708/Education-Evolution-Parent-Booklet072220.pdf


    1. What is protocol if someone is sick at school?

    Source: School nurse assessment https://www.dallasisd.org/cms/lib/TX01001475/Centricity/Domain/24708/9-School%20Nurse%20Assessment%20of%20COVID%20Symptoms.pdf

    “Students on campus who are not feeling well, or who enter the building with an elevated temperature should be sent to the school nurse for evaluation”. The nurse will assess symptoms, check for history of exposure to COVID-19 and isolate the student in the clinic if necessary. The parent/s will be called to pick up the student if they have a fever of 100.4 or higher.


    1. Will kids be sent home? What happens if parents do not pick them up right away?

    Source: 10 step contact tracing protocol

    English: https://www.dallasisd.org/cms/lib/TX01001475/Centricity/Domain/24708/081820TeacherReturn-10Step-Protocol.pdf

    Spanish: https://www.dallasisd.org/cms/lib/TX01001475/Centricity/Domain/24708/081820TeacherReturn-10Step-Protocol.pdf#page=2


    1. How will dropoff/pickup be?

     Please watch https://youtu.be/IT7KKV8thu4


    1. DISD mentioned some schools will open early 9/28 i believe for some students, will HBG be one of them? What grades/students will be considered for this?

    FLS Sept. 17

    Sept 28 PK and Kinder

    Oct. 5 1st-5th


    1. Can students use their own masks? Yes, students will be allowed to wear their own masks. Masks must cover the nose and mouth and should be washed daily.


    1. Can you clarify that not all kids are returning Oct. 6th.  Some think all kids returning back to school at that time.

    Source: Learning model survey for parents


    By completing the online Learning Model Survey for parents, the parent will choose distance (at home) or on campus (face-to-face) learning for their child. In person/on campus learning will begin on October 5th, 2020.

    There are many more questions being asked regarding the parent survey hence why we suggest a meeting with parents.

    A google form will be available for parents to submit questions and for us to prepare the first Coffee with the Principal on Thursday, Sep. 17 at 4:00 p.m.


    Map testing

    Source: The Hub Dallas ISD


    You may have heard during September, students are being asked to come in-person to their school one day for about three hours. But why?

    To help Dallas ISD teachers better understand where each student is academically this year, a beginning-of-the-year-assessment will be administered. The test helps inform us exactly where students are to best tailor the supports they’ll need. Students are encouraged to take the in-person assessment as scheduled by their campus between Sept. 9 to Sept. 30.

    Here’s how the process works if your student is in grades K to 11:

    • Families will be informed by their campus of the student’s scheduled date and time
    • Transportation shuttles will be provided to the nearest neighborhood school, for students; if students are dropped off, parents will not be allowed inside the campus
    • Meals for all students will be included
    • The time on campus will last about three hours
    • All social distancing protocols will be followed, and students and staff must wear masks inside the school
    • Campus staff will proctor the tests in small group settings, to further ensure safety protocols are met

    While students are not required to come in-person and can be assessed remotely, we encourage every student to physically come in to participate in the beginning-of-the-year assessments. Pre-K and senior students will not be assessed in September.


    1. Are assessments required? Answered above


    1. What will happen if student's do not take it? Can it be taken online? Answered above


    1. What protocols are put in place to guarantee safety? Answered above




    Technology  questions:


    1.Can you/teachers post a codes list for classes? 

    Some are not on google classroom. Parents have to click on a link from either remind, class dojo, or whatever app the teacher is using (usually on their phone) and those are not ipads or chromebooks. Some parents are not at home and cannot send link or code to whoever is taking care of their kid/s.

    Parents and students can access teacher’s website and resources

     https://www.dallasisd.org/gonzalez Click -> Staff à Grade & Teacher’s Name


    1. Replacements for Chromebook. Some say they cannot reach IT dept. Will the school have some?

    We do not have devices to replace. We will wait for district instructions later.


    1. Also about hotspots, also state they will be mailed out.  

    Once we receive them at school, we will call parents for pick up.


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